Ethiopia Ayele Fulasa Espresso Roast 250g

  • Yirgacheffe
  • Werkasakaro
  • Heirloom
  • 2005 MASL
  • Natural Process

Tasting Note: Brown sugar, apple, red grape and dark chocolate


Medium light roast of seasonal selected grade 1 coffee, especially roasted for long black and espresso drinker


This coffee is a Yirgacheffe natural process, part of the Ethiopia La Lisaa Project of MTC Sucafina, the organisation that connects farmers directly to the buyers, without middle men taking the cut. This means that the farmers get paid more for their coffee. While Sucafina provides training on agronomy best practices and help organise farmers into groups to wean them off the need of intermediaries in the field so they can deliver directly to the washing or drying stations.


This natural processed was sorted by floating in the static water tank first then dried on African raised beds made from bamboo, takes 21 days to dry, average of 7 hours per day with frequent turning and sorting of defect cherries while drying.


Recommended Recipes

Espresso : 18-20g basket, 20g : 50g 24-26 seconds, 94°C

20-22g basket, 21.5g : 56g 26-28 seconds, 94°C

Cold Brew : 1:12 ratio, medium grind (slightly finer than V60 grind size), 12 hour brew time with room temperature water


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Ethiopia Ayele Fulasa Espresso Roast