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It's that time of the year where we get to roast the most fresh arrivals from this year's crop!!

We have officially sold out of all 2020 crop coffees, and welcoming many many fresh crops to drop in the next month. We have secured 8 different lots of Ethiopia Washed that are arriving now in May. So far 4 lots of Kenya AA and AB. We are roasting 2 of the 4 fresh crop Brazils that have arrived earlier this month. We are also in the process of cupping all the samples of Ethiopia Natural process, Colombia and Peru.

We are very committed to serve only the best quality and work very hard to secure just enough coffees for us to roast the freshest crop possible for our beloved coffee friends. This way we can ensure that ickle will always be a vibrant, bright, complex and juicy as we don't roast coffees that are out of season. Older green beans could affect the cup quality such as baggy taste, stale, defective and very dull.

These are some of the fresh crops we are roasting right now. Including fresh crop of the same Ethiopia Kebele, Yirgacheffe Washed we have been roasting for espresso the past three months. We are now roasting 2021 crop for both espresso and filter/long espresso use.

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