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Production roast day with ickle

Updated: Apr 25, 2019

This week we're taking you on the coffee roasting journey on our production roasting day.

Production roasting day is the most joyous day of the week for me, especially on the day you get to roast new arrival coffee for the first time. We strategise the roasting plan by the measurements of the moisture and density, the varietal and altitudes, what flavours we want to bring out of this coffee,  which we refer to the sample cupping when we decided to purchase that coffee, by the flavours that made us love the coffee. 

We want to preserve the most natural flavours of the coffee and respect the hard work of the producers by roasting lightest while develop enough to be brewed in many methods possible. This way we get to showcase optimum flavours of each coffees without too much roast flavours.

This video captured the main processes of our production roasting before the production cupping which we'll find the right time to do it and share with you guys soon.

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