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Pour Over / V60 How To

Brewing Kits


2. Hand Grinder

3. Light – Medium Light roasted coffee

4. Coffee Server or a mug

5. V60 cone or Kalita or pour over cone

6. Paper filter, preferably white

7. Water kettle

8. Stirrer or spoon

-Step 1-

Weigh your coffee, 12.5 grams and grind to medium course grind size

slightly courser than table salt and finer than raw sugar

* our favorite brew ratio is 1:16,

(ie,12.5 grams coffee to 200grams of water or 15 grams of coffee to 250 grams of water or 25 grams of water to 400 grams of water)

You can adjust the ratio to lighter or darker roasted coffees or to suit your taste

-Step 2-

Place paper filter in v60 cone, rinse the paper with hot water then discard the water

to get rid of papery taste and warm your v60 cone and server

-Step 3-

Place the server and v60 on scale

Place 12.5grams of ground coffee in the filter then gently tap the v60 to make a flat bed of coffee

-Step 4-

Tare the scale to zero, start the timer then pour 20-30 grams of water and wait 30 seconds this step is called blooming, try to pour water very gently, aiming to not extract any coffee into the server in this step)

**use water 2 times the weight of coffee for blooming then stir gently to make sure all grounds are wet and the gasses trapped in the coffee to escape

*** use 96c water, if not using thermometer wait 2 minutes after boiling point, the water should be around 93-97c

-Step 5-

Pour water slowly and steadily in circular motion to reach 200 grams, try not to disturb the coffee ground too much. Aim to finish pouring at 1m45s


****alternatively, after blooming, split the pour into two by pouring 85 grams of water slowly then wait 20 seconds and pour the rest at 1m20s

Wait for the brew to finish, aiming to finish at 2m30s to 2m45s

if the brew takes way longer than the expected time > adjust the grind size courser, if the brew finishes very quickly > adjust the grind size finer


ickle coffee team x FYI

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