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Colombia Showcase Week

Hi there it's Rowena here, this week we're roasting three different Colombian Coffee, all different varietal, processing methods and growing regions.

The only common thing apart from being grown in Colombia is the love from first sip I had from cupping these coffee at sample cupping process. These coffees where bought at different times, and different harvest.

Our Colombia El Paraiso is the first 90+ coffee we bought since established in June 2018, which was end of 2018 crop. This coffee was tasting nothing like any coffee I've ever tasted in my entire coffee career. With its interesting processing methods of fermentation, the result in the cup is nothing but super sweet, candy like and strawberry yogurt (I know this sounds weird but it is yoghurty in a very nice way). We are down to last bag of this amazing coffee. We've cupped  latest harvest of the exact same coffee from same producer in the hope of buying fresh crop of this delicious goodness but sadly it wasn't quite the same. Fingers crossed for end of 2019 crop for us (>< ).

Colombia Omar Pink Bourbon Natural is another unique one, this is a rare varietal, a mutation of red and yellow bourbon. This coffee has very pronounced yet delicate flavours Jackfruit, passion fruit, oolong tea and honey. We roasted this coffee really light to preserve all the unique flavours and delicateness in the cup. Colombia Oliver Verdugo, caturron varietal, anaerobic fermentation then washed processing. Another rare variety, Caturron has its own unique flavours of herbs and delicate green tea. This particular lot has very delicate jasmine green tea, subtle fruit sweetness like pear, red apple and the classic slated caramel flavour notes of Colombia.

Sound like a lot of Colombia for the season? Good news! We're buying a few more to be released in May. Look out for our very first Geisha (that's how the producer spelled, no arguing here) I'm so excited for May coffee offer! I'll write all about it after my first production roast!!

Happy Brewing, Happy Drinking and Happy Easter Everyone



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