Uganda Kisinga 250g

  • Kyagalanyi, Baganda
  • Kisinga washing station
  • Bourbon, SL-28, S-795
  • 1,600-1,900 MASL
  • Fermentum Naturalis

Tasting Note: Blackberry jam, stewed rhubarb and chai tea


Uganda is well and truly on the speciality map these days, and producing some of the best coffee in the world. This incredible coffee washing station was opened to help process the quality coffee that is being grown in hundreds of people’s back gardens. They agreed to pay farmers in cash, when they deliver their ripe crop. Farmers are now being paid better than ever before, and the coffee from the region tastes better than ever.


Fermentum Naturalis is a mix between aerobic and anaerobic fermentation on the cherry without a tank, the cherry is inoculated with our own "kefir" which is our blend of lactic bacteria and esters (yeast) to enhance the most desired flavours of the coffee. We control variables like pH, time, PPM, temperature, sugar content, and bacteria population.


Recommended Recipes

Espresso : 20g : 60g 21-23 seconds, 94°C (1:3 ratio)

V60 :  15g : 250g 3  pulses, 2:30-2:45 minutes, 96°C (1:16.5 ratio)

Batch Brew : 1:16 ratio, 94-96°C


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Uganda Kisinga