Colombia Willington Gutierrez 250g Whole Bean

Light roasted coffee tastes best at 10-28 days

  • Tolima, Bilbao
  • Finca Villa
  • Geisha & Caturra
  • 1,780 MASL
  • Natural, Sun Dried

Tasting Note: Cane juice, dried orangeand chrysanthemum


Finca Villa Coffee belongs Asotbilbao cooperative and is certified Organic, it is located in the municipality of Planadas Tolima in the Vereda Cristalina, is owned by Mr. Willington Gutierrez. Willington has run his Finca Villa Coffee for over 20 years now. Tolima is the third coffee producing region of Colombia, accounting for 12% of its annual production. With the Andes on the West and the Magdalena basin in the East, Tolima offers the perfect topography and geography for coffee cultivation.


With great love and careful practice, Willington takes care of approximately 35,000 Arabica trees year in and year out. His excellence was recognized with a star in the “Siembra y Cosecha” awards, which recognize great performance in sowing and harvesting, coffee cultivation and quality management. Our lot is naturally processed. By drying the whole cherries, the sweet and juicy flavors from the mucilage migrate into the parchment and create a unique fruity cup with honey-like sweetness.


Recommended Recipes

Espresso : 20g : 60g 21-23 seconds, 94°C (1:3 ratio)

V60 :  15g : 250g 3  pulses, 2:30-2:45 minutes, 96-98°C (1:16.5 ratio)

Batch Brew : 1:16 ratio, 94-96°C


Roast every Monday.
Ready for shipping every Wednesday.


**RD = Roast Date

Colombia Willington Gutierrez