Colombia Hermilson 250g Whole Bean

Light roasted coffee tastes best at 10-28 days

  • Planadas, Tolima
  • Finca El Filo
  • Caturra
  • 1,900 - 1,970 MASL
  • Washed

Tasting Note: Cherry blossoms, malt and fig


Grown by Hermilson Cardenas at Finca El Filo, located in Planadas, Tolima. It is a 6 hectare farm that employs an average of 10-15 seasonal harvesters that assist in picking ripe cherries from his 30,000 Colombia, Caturra, and Tabi trees. This Micro Lot was carefully hand picked in order to use only the ripest cherries. The cherries were then pulped and later fermented for 27 hours under water. The coffee were then gently washed and placed on raised beds for 12 days until the moisture content is at 11%. hermilson was passionate about football as a boy and trained to become a professional player. But after he finishes school, he decided to join his father Mauricio to do coffee farming and their farm. He was involved in improving qualities of harvests and production.In 2018, Hermilson was able to certify his farm as Organic, and since 2019 Hermilson has been solely focused on improving the quality of his coffees


Recommended Recipes

Espresso : 20g : 60g 21-23 seconds, 94°C (1:3 ratio)

V60 :  15g : 250g 3  pulses, 2:30-2:45 minutes, 96-98°C (1:16.5 ratio)

Batch Brew : 1:16 ratio, 94-96°C


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Colombia Hermilson