Colombia Carlos Amariles 250g Whole Bean

Light roasted coffee tastes best at 10-28 days

  • Geneva, Quindio

  • Finca El Topacio

  • Caturra

  • 1,850 - 1,950 MASL

  • Anaerobic Honey

Tasting Note: Mandarin, coconut water,honey and praline


Colombia is one of the largest coffee producers in the world and benefits greatly from having one of the most unique and complex set of micro- climates of all coffee producing nations. Colombia contains so many regions with their own unique micro-climates. The variations in climate are created in large part by Colombia’s mountainous terrain and varying wind patterns. This results in a huge variety and complexity of styles and cup profiles. There is no one single “Colombian” profile. This particular coffee was grown by Carlos Amariles at the farm El Topacio, located where the high altitude is complemented by a cool breeze coming from the Risaralda River Valley. The farm abounds with diverse native plants that provide shade for coffee trees and a habitat for native animals. This coffee was harvested following strict ripeness criteria. Cherries were exposed to a dry anaerobic fermentation period of 40 hours. The cherries were then pulped and placed on raised beds below 35oC until ideal moisture content was achieved. This microlot is 100% Caturra. This variety originated in Minas Gerais, Brazil. It is a natural mutation of Red Bourbon.


Recommended Recipes


Espresso : 20g : 60g 21-23 seconds, 94°C (1:3 ratio)


V60 :  15g : 250g 3  pulses, 2:30-2:45 minutes, 96-98°C (1:16.5 ratio)


Batch Brew : 1:16 ratio, 94-96°C

Colombia Carlos Amariles