Burundi Kazoza n'ikawa 250g

  • Matongo
  • Kazoza n'ikawa cooperative
  • Bourbon
  • 1,780 MASL
  • Natural Process

Tasting Note: Strawberry, English toffee and orange blossom


Kazoza n’ikawa means “the future of coffee”. It is one of the leading cooperatives amongst the COCOCA union. COCOCA(Consortium of Coffee Growers Cooperatives) is an umbrella cooperative representing around 1,300 members in 42 member cooperatives around Burundi who collectively own their own dry mill. Coffee trees are grown in the high-lands nestled between the Ruyubu river and the Mpemba mountain, where the soil is predominantly made of sandy clay. The temperature there ranges from 15oC to 25oC and the harvest takes place from the last two weeks of April to the end of July, which is slightly later than the rest of Burundi due its cooler climate.Kazoza n’ikawa built their own coffee washing stationin 2010 becoming functional in 2011, and in 2013 they won the Cup of Excellency for the first time.


Recommended Recipes

Espresso : 20g : 60g 21-23 seconds, 94°C (1:3 ratio)

V60 :  15g : 250g 3  pulses, 2:30-2:45 minutes, 96°C (1:16.5 ratio)

Batch Brew : 1:16 ratio, 94-96°C


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**RD = Roast Date

Burundi Kazoza n'ikawa