• Shakisso, Guji
  • Yodesa Yachisi
  • Heirloom
  • 1,800 - 1,850 MASL
  • Natural

Tasting note : Strawberry jam, yellow plum and caramel fudge


Mormora is a large farm, comprising of 200 hectares, most of which is semi-forest coffee, meaning the forest is managed to allow coffee to grow throughout it. The trees benefit from a mixture of natural shade plants, which—as well as protection from the sun—provide a rich source of leaves and debris which decompose on the forest floor.

In addition to the 200 hectares that are owned by Yodesa, there are 400 small coffee producers in the area that deliver and sell their coffee to the washing station. These small holders (called “out growers” in Ethiopia) typically have 1–2 hectares of land that produce coffee. At Mormora they are paid in two stages for their coffee, the first when the coffee is dropped off, and then a second time when the overall quality for a certain lot has been determined, and therefore the selling price.

This coffee is designed to give you high level of sweetness and richness in both black and milk based coffee.


Recommended Recipes

Espresso : 18-20g basket, 20g : 50g 24-26 seconds, 94°C

20-22g basket, 21.5g : 56g 26-28 seconds, 94°C

Cold Brew : 1:12 ratio, medium grind (slightly finer than V60 grind size), 12 hour brew time with room temperature water


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