Ethiopia Kebele Espresso Roast 250g Whole bean

  • Idido, Yirgacheffe
  • Aricha Washing Station
  • Heirloom
  • 1,800 - 1,850 MASL
  • Washed

Tasting Note: Peach, cookies and cream


Aside from its near-legendary status as the "birthplace" of Arabica coffee, there is much to love about Ethiopia as a producing nation, including but  not limited to the incredible diversity of flavour and character that exists  among micro regions, specifically within the southwestern Gedeo Zone of 

Yirgacheffe within the region of Sidama. Coffee was literally made to thrive in the lush environment Yirgacheffe’s forests provide, developing nuanced floral characteristics, articulate sweetness and sparkling acidity.  Processing, of course, also plays a significant part in what makes  Ethiopian coffees distinct. One of the other things that make Ethiopia  distinct as a growing country is the complexity involved in the coffee  market there, and the myriad systems and customs that ensure there's  never a dull moment in sourcing the best lots, whether they are from  individual farms, co-operatives or grower groups, or from the Ethiopian Commodity Exchange (ECX), a market institution founded in 2008 in attempt to protect small farmers from various risks and market forces 

that threaten the profitability of their harvest.


Recommended Recipes


Espresso : 18-20g basket, 20g : 50g 24-26 seconds, 94°C20-22g basket, 21.5g : 56g 26-28 seconds, 94°C


Cold Brew : 1:12 ratio, medium grind (slightly finer than V60 grind size), 12 hour brew time with room temperature water


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1kg Ethiopia Kebele Espresso Roast