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Where to find us this week

Today our roaster/founder and delivery girl had a lot of fun cafe hopping. We are talking 4 cafes in one afternoon and since she loves great food and great people, she is definitely one (culinary) lucky lady. Rowena is also known for taking good photos. Unfortunately, we don't get to see good photo today because she was too busy eating delicious food 🤭. Hopefully, her insta-story will suffice.


Photo courtesy of Rowena's insta-story

This week you can find our yummy Candy like (with flavours of green grapes, green apple and jasmine tea) Colombia El Paraiso at Clodeli in Randwick.

Fan fact: Chrissy, the owner runs many successful cafes in Sydney the past ten years. This one of her own serves up the best home cook style of classic Aus' favourites with local produce, plus amazing, friendly staff.


Photo courtesy of Rowena's insta-story

Also, 30 minutes away from Clodeli, at Queenside Dulwich Hill, you can find our Colombia El Paraiso along side the tropical fruit sweetness - Rwanda Bombogo.

Fan fact: Jim, the owner with decades of experience in coffee industry, is also a well known barista and roaster in Sydney. Queenside Dulwich Hill is casual, friendly, simple yet modern.


Photo courtesy of Rowena's insta-story

9 minutes away from Queenside Dulwich Hill, you can find our Colombia El Paraiso and Rwanda Bombogo at Double Tap Coffee in Marrickville. Known for their delicious sandwiches, amazing staff, delicious pastries and beautiful ambience.

Recommend of the week: Chicken Sandwich - Poached Chicken with lime & coriander, grilled corn, Avocado & Chipotle. It comes in Salad version too!


You can also find us in the CBD at Paramount Coffee Project. We have our juicy (ripe cherry, apple orange juice) Ecuador Gustvo Landivar for in house order and on shelf.

Recommend of the week: Skillet pancake with marscarpone, maple, pistachios and rosemary poached stone fruit. Yummmmmm

This is the last of Ecuador Gustvo Landivar for this Harvest. We're sure we'll meet again soon :]

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