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How to POUR OVER by ickle coffee

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

Recommended recipe for medium light to light roast pour over brew

water temp : 95-98°c

ratio : 16.5g water : 1g coffee

1 cup : 15g coffee : 250g water

brew time : 2:30-3:00 minutes

-grind coffee course-ish

-first pour 20-30g to cover all coffee surface and wait 30 seconds

-second pour aiming to pour to 140g at 0:55-1:00 minute

-final pour start at 1:10-1:20 minute aiming to reach 250g at 1:55-2:15 minute

*between pours make sure the the water doesn't dry up completely, pour before you see the coffee show on the surface of the water

-the brew finishes at 2:40- 3:00 minutes

try pouring as steadily as possible and try avoid water pouring direct on filter paper as it could bypass to the bottom without contacting with coffee

Adjustments of the temperatures, brew time or grind size depend on variables such as thickness of paper filter, uniformity of grind size, sizes of holes of the dripper cone etc., if the brew tastes heavier than expected even though the recipe was on point try a longer water to coffee ratio (17-17.5g of water to 1g of coffee)

*ickle tip of the day* the higher the altitudes the finer you should grind the coffee, as higher altitudes usually produce denser coffee.

Happy Brewing

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