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How to v60 by ickle coffee

As most of us are stuck at home, our roaster wants put together a clip that could be useful for home brewers.

Recommended recipe for light roast v60 brew

water temp : 94-96°c

ratio : 16g water : 1g coffee

1 cup : 12g coffee : 200g water

brew time : 3.15-3.30 minutes

-grind coffee course-ish

-first pour 20-30g and wait 30 seconds

*between pours make sure the the water doesn't dry up completely, pour before you see the coffee show on the surface of the water

-aim to finish pouring at 2.15-2.30 minutes

-the brew finishes at 3.15-3.30 minutes

try pouring as steadily as possible and try avoid water pouring direct on filter paper as it could bypass to the bottom without contacting with coffee

*ickle tip of the day* the higher the altitudes the finer you should grind the coffee, as higher altitudes usually produce denser coffee.

Happy Brewing

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