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Ethiopia Gesha Village

The Origin Of Gesha Village

In the far western reaches of Ethiopia, mere kilometers from the South Sudanese border, lie the dense, wildly sprouting jungles of Bench Maji zone. It’s a place of stunning natural beauty, where from a high-extending plateau one can take in the expanse of the ancient, sprawling forest. This breathtaking landscape is home to Gesha Village Coffee Estate, the 471-hectare coffee farm we have built from the ground up over the last six years. 

The non-auction lots

At Gesha Village, They strive for uncompromising quality in each step of cultivation and

processing. The non-auction lots are intensely floral and fruity—signature elements of all

Gesha Village Coffee.

They meticulously select the coffees offered in their non-auction lots through a rigorous

cupping process at the coffee lab in Addis Ababa. Following the official protocols of the

Specialty Coffee Association, the team evaluate the lots over several rounds of cupping to

determine how they will be offered to buyers.

The Rarities : Gold Label

From a diverse range of coffees with complex flavors from Gesha Village Coffee Estate offered in our various labels, from the extremely high-end and delectable Rarities to the delicately blended Chaka. We have purchased the extremely high end, Representing 10 percent of total farm production, these exquisite coffees are full of complex flavors, and super rare. The Rarities are the top coffees Gesha Village produces outside of our auction lots, and they are frequently chosen for competition by internationally competing baristas.

About this Coffee

Name : Ethiopia Gesha Village

Coffee Type : Rarities (Gold) Label

Lot No. : 20/084, "Gesha 1931" variety 

Region : Geisha Village Estate

Block Name : Surma

Varietal : Gesha 1931

Process : Honey

Altitudes : 1909 – 2063 MASL

Tasting Note: White peach, honey, watermelon and rose water

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