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Colombia Nelson Hurtado

Roaster at work

Colombia Nelson Hurtado

Natural Yellow Caturra

Nelson has picked coffee for a living as long as he can remember, he used to travel around Antioquia aiming to work with the most productive farms in order to be able to pick more cherries to increase the amount of kg he gets paid for.

Nelson arrived in Gaitana in early 2000s to work as a picker and five years ago with his savings, he was able to purchase his own farm.

Nelson is enchanted with the animals living in the region, especially birds. He enjoys looking after the birds that daily visit his farm and looking after the trees. He believes the more tree he grows the more birds will visit his farm.

This yellow caturra natural lot was picked following a strict ripeness criteria, later fermented for 40 hours in grain pro bags, afterwards cherries were then hand sorted floated and placed on raised beds until the ideal moisture content was achieved.

This coffee has a sophisticated aroma and coated mouthfeel with prune like sweetness with winey after taste.

Country : Colombia

Region : Gainania, Tolima

Farmer : Nelson Hurtado

Varietal : Yellow Caturra

Process : Natural

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