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Colombia Gesha Honey Finca La Estrella Produced by Jairo Ivan Lopez

Country : Colombia

Region : Pijao, Quindio

Farm : Finca La Estrella

Farmer : Jairo Ivan Lopez

Variety : 100% Gesha

Process : Honey

This coffee is grown by Finca La Estrella, Managed and owned by Jairo Ivan Lopez.

La Estrella is a family coffee farm located in Pijao, Quindio, 20km away from Armenia, which is part of the coffee triangle ( the coffee triangle used to be the area with higher coffee production in the 2000s) the coffee plantation of 13,000 coffee tree passed from generation to generation. The Volcanic soil and high altitudes with warm days and cold nights are the perfect growing conditions for outstanding coffee.

Jairo was a civil engineer in Quindio. He planted Gesha in two different farms in Quindio and Java in Beunevista. After he tasted the Natural Gesha from Panama, Jiro devoted the rest of his life to specialty coffee. He continually working on improving the drying and fermentation process and only strictly picking the ripest cherries. The results have continued to improve year after year.

This 100% Gesha honey lot was processed by La Pradera washing station. La pradera features four large concrete patios with sliding roofs, providing the ability to control the weather and the amount of heat the coffee has to absorb daily. The initial drying stage takes place on these patios, and the second stage on the raised beds. Towards the end, the lots are moved to a higher beds to reach the desired moisture content.

When I cupped the sample roast of this coffee, I was blown away by the very sweet but so much delicate flavours of ripe yellow flesh fruits with a gentle acidity. We managed to secure the very last 12kg vacuum sealed block. This coffee will be roasted for filter brew especially. To capture all the beautiful floral aromas, the gentle acidity and all tropical fruit notes. The coffee comes 180 grams in each bag,we recommend to start brewing at 7 days after roast. If possible, brew them at 7, 14 and 21 days after roast to taste all the different tasting notes and the slight change of acidity and body at different ageing. This particular roast will be perfect for both immersion and drip brews.

We also make a nice little A3 poster for all you Geisha lovers and as a thank you gift from us for your support.

Recommend recipes:


15g : 250g , 2.45 minutes - 3.15 minutes, 96 degrees filter water

(adjust grind size to match the brew time)

Clever coffee dripper

12g : 200g , 2 minutes steep time, 1.20-1.40 minutes drain time, 96 degrees filter water

(adjust grind size to achieve the drain time)


15g : 250g, time 3 minutes then plunge, 96 degrees filter water

(course grind, stir gently after water is poured)

Enjoy brewing :)

Rowena of ickle

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